médecin généraliste pointe-à-pitre

Docteur Samuel CHEMLA

PHD in General Medicine
Degree of Specialized Study in General Medicine
Inter-University Degree of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine
Inter-University Degree of Mesotherapy
University Degree of Legal Body Repair the Damage
Graduate of Hypno-Therapy
Certified Bach Flower Adviser
RPPS 10100188787


Saint-John Perse Center
1,Quai Ferdinand Lesseps
97110 Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe)
Cellphone : (+59) 06 90 377 540

Presentation of the practice

Service fees

Contractual fees according
to active regulations



Outside of the tele-secretaries time table please contact one of the following numbers :

A.D.G.U.P.S : 05 90 90 13 13
Emergencies : 15

médecin généraliste pointe-à-pitre
médecin généraliste pointe-à-pitre
médecin généraliste pointe-à-pitre

Primary practice

médecin généraliste pointe-à-pitre

General medicine

Medical consultations for children, adults or elderly whom suffer from acute conditions or chronic illnesses (diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol)


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Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy

Any pregnant woman who is in a situation of distress may ask a certified doctor or an hospital service to interrupt her pregnancy up until the end of the 12th week
Aptitude au permis de conduire pointe-à-pitre

Medical aptitude for driving licenses

Necessary documents :
- driver's license
- driving record

mesotherapie anti-âge pointe-à-pitre


Mesotherapy treats many medical pathologies such as joint pain or venous insufficiency. It consists of a few dermal micro-injections of therapeutic substances.


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Tele-consultation now occupies a central and indispensable place in the reception and follow-up of patients, in a simple, secure and efficient way.


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Hypno-therapy allows the use of the person's resources to relieve them. It is also part of a personal development process.


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Medical Expertise

The Legal Body Damage Repair assess bodily injury according to medical criteria so that the compensation ordered by a Court or by an Insurance Company is as fair as possible


Contact and directions

Schedule and appointments available on DOCTOLIB

Port : 06 90 377 540

Appointment online DOCTOLIB

Prendre rendez-vous avec le Dr. Chemla

For medical consultations : please go to n°11 located behind the Saint-John Perse hotel
For aesthetic medicine consultations : please go to n°21 located in front of the Border Police